Suicide Squad: Everything You Should Know


The word “hero” takes on a new and intriguingly ironic meaning in the new Hollywood superhero film, Suicide Squad. Written and directed by David Ayer and co-written by John Ostrander, Suicide Squad is projected to display an entirely new aspect of right and wrong as a team of super villain convicts are released only on the conditions of protecting the earth against other super humans. Reluctantly accepting the proposal the band of renegade hero’s embark on their mission to protect earth at all costs and they do so while still managing to enjoy the things they do best, minor misdemeanours, making a mockery of society, and all the other little things villains take advantage of when plotting to take over the world.

The Cast and Performance

Armed with a tremendously skilled cast, each member of the Suicide Squad has put forth a stunning performance for the audience to look forward to. The team of villainous hero’s is built up of a respectable cast, of very recognizable names such as Ben Afflek as Bruce Wayne (Batman), Will Smith as Deadshot, and actress Cara Delevingne as June Moone (Enchantress). It has been mentioned that Jared Leto has done a remarkable performance in his roll as the Joker. Physically living his roll, Jared Leto was able to develop deep insight into the mind of a villain and in doing so, managed to truly become one with his character. The vexing temptations and harassment of Harley Quinn, actress Margot Robbie, will undoubtedly leave the audience in side splitting laughter and enjoyment. Each member of the cast with parts both large and small have played a hilarious and memorable part of this film for all to enjoy.


Superhero movie fans can look forward to an ironic twist with David Ayer and John Ostranders in Suicide Squad full movie as the battle for good and evil suddenly takes an interesting turn. The audience will truly experience a demonstration of human morals while undergoing nonstop laughter by the well performed cast. Boasting an A-list cast with the performances to show it and a memorable comedic performance, Suicide Squad displays the traits we’ve been looking for in a new super hero movie. Any super hero movie fanatic or comedy fan who’s tired of the tedious and played out super hero movie, will be sure to enjoy every minute of this hilarious action comedy.

All About Movies

a10 Entertainment is something everybody needs and most of us rely on televisions and movies. We all have our favorite actors and we constantly watch these movies they are in. What made them very entertaining are the technological advancements that enhanced the results. The color and the effects are so real that when you are inside a theater, you would feel as if you are a part of what is being shown. Similar to books, movies are more visual forms of art that can transport people to different times, settings, and circumstances, wowing them with interesting plot twists and turns.

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Enjoy Watching Movies

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Who does not enjoy watching movies? Each person has their preferred genre but when a good movie is being shown on the screen, it is impossible for a person not to appreciate one that is made tastefully. Nowadays, with technology and all other innovative inventions of men, creating a realistic movie is very simple, especially to experts. Hollywood is the home of remarkable movies though, there are also some that are made of poor quality. However these are made, there are people who patronizes them mainly because they admire the actors playing a part.

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