Spider-Man Homecoming is Coming!

Remember that teen shy boy who was raised by his uncle Ben and his aunt May? As every teenager must go through a series of complex attacks by their classmates, since there is now currently know bullying, only that in those years was not so well known, but this is thanks to technology that today we about more to national and international information, and social networks have been a fundamental and important role in this field , but not everything is as bad as we see it, .to perspective focus to what we build and makes us grow as people and human beings, and in that this character focuses very loved by many fans around the world, now binds us with their emotions and gives us the scoop that returns home, is the diary of a young boy that despite turbulence facing at an early age that even walking scene where his uncle Ben lost life accidentally found in the place and moment (correct) according to the plot, and triggered a collage of emotional situations in the young, to a certain extent is part of maturity that every human being must pass in different scenarios, all human beings to question us approaches to the reflection of take the reins of our lives , and that way we choose whatever always takes back us home to our origin, metaphor, learning, adventure, romance and reality over fiction, a fusion of emotions that keeps us out of our seats enjoying every picture of this majestic film scene, Mr. Stan Lee, is without a doubt the best author insofar as it refers to this kind of stories.

Now, about this young man who returns home (starring actor Tom Holland) next to his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and with his new guard which is nothing less than Mr. Tony Stark, Iron man. (Robert Downey Jr.) Emerges a new villain that the young Peter Parker must face… The vulture. (Michael Keaton) His life is no longer normal as he desires to return home, and everything the young love will be in danger. Sooner or later, you will be able to see SpiderMan Homecoming online.

It is worth mentioning that the cast of actors in this film is first class, with an impressive track record, which has left satisfied every one of us in each character representing a film that undoubtedly is already expected by many of us, and which will mark another success at the box office, as the former, a saga of adventure, emotions romance and struggle to demonstrate that all adversity and wickedness is not enough to divert us from our true essence, everyone is a silent hero that we carry inside and emerges when what we love is in danger, because it is the power of love that makes us awake by the blast and spend wonderful things in our lives.

Actors: Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr, Marisa Tomei, Michael Keaton, Zendaya.

Director: Jon Watts

Premiere: 6/7/2017

Country of origin: United States of America

Producers: Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal

A Closer Look At Wonder Woman Movie

In approximately five weeks, the Wonder Woman Movie is going to be released and you now have a great chance to watch your favorite superhero in action. The movie is highly anticipated and some people have actually been waiting for this movie since they were six years old. Research clearly shows that the movie spent approximately $3,043,012 on ads for Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Woman Movie mainly tries to show who Diana was before she was Wonder Woman. Diana was a princess in the Amazon and she was a very skilled warrior who was trained to protect it. Diana meets an American pilot Steve Trevor after he was washed ashore. The pilot explains to Diana about World war 1. After the princess realizes about the war, she leaves her home and goes to London to try and stop it. Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman or Diana while Chris Pine plays as Steve Trevor.
The first Wonder Woman Movie was released back in 1996 and over the years, many producers have been unsuccessful in producing a good Wonder Woman Movie. However, there is hope that the movie might live to the expectations or even surpass them.

The production of this movie began back in 2015. The director of the film was Mathew Jensen and filming took place in Italy, United Kingdom and France.

The release date of Wonder Woman is 2017 June 2nd and it will take place in the United States of America. On 31st May 2017, the movie is set to be released in Belgium which will be the first country to receive it. It is worth noting down that many people feel that the movie hasn’t been promoted well. The plight of the fans was heard and there are now two trailers that try to show just a small peak of the villain. Warner Bros pictures will be releasing this movie and there are very many fans who are eagerly waiting to watch Wonder Woman. The movie is set to be released in July and critics are waiting to see whether it meets the standards set by the fans.
There are very many people who never thought that they would get a chance to watch a Wonder Woman Movie. The movie will soon be released and all fans can rest assured that they will definitely get a chance to watch it. Wonder Woman is not a well recognized super hero but she definitely requires to be acknowledged and highly respected.

Much Fate, Too Furious? Fast and Furious 8 Talk!

The wait of the fans of fast and furious series is soon to get over! It is expected that the movie will be released in the month of April 14, 2017. The official name of the Fast and Furious 8 is The Fate of the Furious. The movie is arriving to kick off this summer season a little early. In 2015 the fast and furious 7 which was revealed on Easter weekends and has already earned $1.158 billion at the global box office. The thrilling and adventurous movie fast and furious is directed by Straight Outta Compton’s F. Gary Gray and the action will take place in New York, US. The caste comprises on Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Tyrese Gibson along with the new additions of Charlize Theron, Scott Eastwood and Helen Mirren. Jason Statham is expected to reappear in his role as the British villain Deckard Shaw.

The Fate of the Furious

Vin Diesel who played the fictional character of Dominic Toretto has revealed that furious 7 sets up a new series that will be shown in The Fate of the Furious online. He also said in the memory of Paul Walker who gained international popularity for his portrayal in fast and furious 6 as Brian O’ Conner but unfortunately died in the middle of film making of furious 7 in a car accident. Diesel said that Furious 7 was for Paul Walker but fate of the furious will be from Paul Walker. Cody Walker, brother of Paul Walker was invited to film his brother’s remaining scenes in Furious 7, and it is now official that he will come back for Fate of the Furious too as Brian O’Conner.

Dominic Toretto, formal professional street racer have started racing with his new crew. Dominic and Letty have recently got married and are enjoying their honeymoon, Brain and Mia have retired and rest of the gang of the racers are leading their normal lives. But then a mysterious cyber-terrorist woman called Cipher has arrived to cause chaos and somehow manages to seduce Dominic and bring him to her side in the world of international crime which he can’t escape from. This makes not only the betrayal to his wife but also the gang of the racers lost their former leader who has become the dangerous enemy of its crew of racers. Now the crew members decide that they need their old opponent Deckard Shaw to join them in their battle against Dominic to decide the fate of their family.

Fast and Furious 8 Full Movie

The movie Fate of the Furious is no doubt an adventurous and action thrilling movie known for its car crashes, accidents, explosions, strong language, violence, drinking and objectification of woman. The movie is anticipated and forecasted to have $100-150 million of revenue in its first week of opening.

The most significant morals of this series of movie are the value of family and being united can win any battle. Secondly, everyone in the movie has their own settled goals and was successful too in achieving them. Then the element of wanting to win is also highlighted in the movie and then celebrating the success is also commonly seen. Lastly but most importantly is that every individual in the movie thinks itself as the leader and that is strength of everyone in the movie.

Fifty Shades Darker – Will You Be Watching It?

Too much has been said about the Fifty Shades movie and well, this was the exact reason I am interested finding it and more so watching all of it . The movie begins in fifty shades of grey when Anastasia Steel does a favor to her sick friend Kate by doing the interview of the hotshot entrepreneur Christian Grey for the college paper. Immediately, she is hooked to his charming antiques and he, in turn, shows the same interest as well. The courtship carries on for a while and eventually, they get involved in a physical relationship.

50 Shades Darker online
The acting isn’t anything innovative till this point in the movie but it certainly takes a spicy turn when both of them start indulging into BDSM. People have actually found it filthy but when you look from the perspective of the story, it is kind of justified. At times, this is what fiction should be all about. People enjoying the fantasy World of Twilight will definitely love this as well since the movie has the same secrecy elements. The plot is intriguing and the descriptions keep you hooked. I could not help myself from continuing with the next Fifty Shades Darker movie.

The next Fifty Shades Darker movie’ carries the act forward with all the previous elements intact. The protagonists’ sexual banter is back but there are certain secrets that are revealed the moment you go through the prologue. Grey comes as a transformed man in this series and their relationship goes through new turns.

I have heard people complain and groan about the fact that this movie should have toned down on the sexual part, but I believe and I have always thought that there should always be movies that veer away from the conventional. Fifty shades darker is again a bold sequel with an ending that kept me hooked for the third one. And trust me, I could not put my temptation away to watch movie right away.

watch 50 shades darker
The simple fact that characters transform themselves over the movie. Even in real life, people have phases where they are extremely rigid to unbelievably flexible. Ann and Grey are so different but they complement each other so well that you feel their love carrying onto you.

‘Fifty shades freed’ carries the series forward and doesn’t give up on its strength. The characters are now married and are a lot closer to each other. But then their rosy life has unexpected twists and turns with heart pounding moments that keep the suspense alive. To be precise, this was a fitting finale to the movie.

After watching Fifty Shades Darker online, I couldn’t actually make up my mind about which one of them was the best. But I was left mesmerized for sure. The movie is a lot different from any other video. Out there and has something for everyone. Though, it is debatable whether the sexual nature of the movie is overdone. For me, it is must watch movie.

A Star Wars Story: Rogue One – Here’s What You Need to Know

Good news for all the die-hard fans of Star Wars. The much anticipated first stand-alone movie of the Star Wars Anthology film is coming to theaters worldwide in December 2016. The story line of the said movie is about a number of ordinary people, who in the time of chaos unites together for a mission (to steal the plans of the Galactic Empire’s greatest weapon, Death Star) and became extraordinary while doing so. It will be like a war movie. You will see the reality of war in this film. Filming of the movie started in August of 2015 at Elstree Studios in England. Several scenes were also shoot in different parts of the world such as Maldives, Iceland and Jordan. By February of 2016, Rogue One was virtually complete. Several re shoots were taken on June 2016 because of conflicts with the ending. The movie will star Felicity Jones together with Diego Luna plus other people like Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen together with Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk not forgetting Jiang Wen and Forest Whitaker.

Rogue One - Jyn Erso
Rogue One – Jyn Erso

Felicity Jones portrays the character of Jyn Erso, using her skills she took a nearly hopeless mission for the Rebel Alliance because of her eagerness to bring the battle to the Empire. Diego Luna is Cassian Andor in this film. An intelligence Officer and highly accomplished of the Rebel Alliance. Known by the Troops who is cool headed even during the missions and able to complete it. Ben Mendelsohn as Orson Krennic, the terrible but intelligent Director of Advanced Weapons Research for the Imperial Military. Donnie Yen as the character Chirrut Imwe, though blind it does not hinder him from being a skilled fighter. He is a spiritual warrior and believes that because of The Force, all living things are connected. Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso, responsible for sending the Rebels signals on how to test the Death Star and the distant father of Jyn. Alan Tudyk as K-2SO, owned by a rebel droid and who has no memory because it was wiped out by Andor. Jiang Wen as Baze Malbus, an assassin who acts independently and best friend of Chirrut. Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera, this character has already appeared in The Clone Wars animated series. It is a veteran of the Clone Wars.

Rogue One

The producer of the movie is Lucasfilm and its distributor is Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. As the showing date comes nearer, everyone’s getting excited with this new film. Disney’s promotion of the movie is all over the internet. Though there are novels and animated series of Star Wars, it will be a different experience in the wide screens. As I am sure it will be a hit once more, ratings for the movie is not yet available. The success of this upcoming movie will be up to the viewers. Exact showing date will be December 15, 2016 in the UK and December 16, 2016 nationwide in the US. Rating is PG-13. With less than a month a to go before its worldwide release, everyone is anticipating if it is worth the wait for the new Star Wars movie. Are you going to watch Rogue One?

Too Strange for Marvel? Doctor Strange Set to Release November 4th!

Marvel has done it again, coming a long way since the first X-Men. With a dizzying array of comic book superheroes and villains, Marvel will be launching yet another action-packed, fantastical ride for comic book devours to marvel at. They’ve made us cackle with Guardians of the Galaxy and amazed us with Days of Future Past. The audience should now brace themselves for some mind-bending, surrealistic and visually-striking work.

Sinister director, Scott Derrickson, is culpable for the genius and highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Doctor Strange. The film is set to release in November of 2016, as the director and writers concoct a work that’s beyond our imagination and with uncalled-for twists and turns. The film will tell of Doctor Strange’s origin story and leave Marvel fanatics with a shocking revelation that they will have to sit down for. Oscar-nominated actor, Benedict Cumberbatch will play Dr. Stephen Strange, and Mean Girl’s Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, a non-magical medic and colleague of Strange. The cast gets even better with Tilda Swinton (We Need to Talk about Kevin) starring as The Ancient One and Hannibal star, Mads Mikkelsen as the villain, Kaecilius.

The movie epitomizes an egocentric, yet brilliant, neurosurgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange, finding himself in a catastrophic car accident that evidently destroys both feelings in his hands. Unable to perform proficiently at his job due to the loss of nerves, Strange embarks on a journey searching for a miraculous cure until he unearths something way beyond his expectations…he meets The Ancient One, played by Swinton. A wild ride unfolds as he finds himself adapting to the mystics of cryptic worlds and alternate dimensions, in attempts to protect planet Earth.

Why should the Marvel-guzzling demographics be so concerned and interested? Doctor Strange is anticipated to be the most visually-exhilarating films Marvel has ever produced. Be prepared for an unholy amount of visually-stimulating scenes, involving outlandish creatures, eerie places of existence and insane sorcery! Don’t try to make sense of the movie’s practicality! After all, with all the majestic scenes and extraordinary action, you won’t even try to. Jaws will drop at the overwhelming cluster of Strange’s metaphysical abilities used to defend his world from the villainous mutants. You will effortlessly soak up the awesomeness that the Doctor Strange full movie will deliver to you in the near future.


Disney is set to release the film in UK Tuesday, October 25, 2016. US movie attendees can mark November 4, 2016, on the calendars when this spectacle releases.

Suicide Squad: Everything You Should Know


The word “hero” takes on a new and intriguingly ironic meaning in the new Hollywood superhero film, Suicide Squad. Written and directed by David Ayer and co-written by John Ostrander, Suicide Squad is projected to display an entirely new aspect of right and wrong as a team of super villain convicts are released only on the conditions of protecting the earth against other super humans. Reluctantly accepting the proposal the band of renegade hero’s embark on their mission to protect earth at all costs and they do so while still managing to enjoy the things they do best, minor misdemeanours, making a mockery of society, and all the other little things villains take advantage of when plotting to take over the world.

The Cast and Performance

Armed with a tremendously skilled cast, each member of the Suicide Squad has put forth a stunning performance for the audience to look forward to. The team of villainous hero’s is built up of a respectable cast, of very recognizable names such as Ben Afflek as Bruce Wayne (Batman), Will Smith as Deadshot, and actress Cara Delevingne as June Moone (Enchantress). It has been mentioned that Jared Leto has done a remarkable performance in his roll as the Joker. Physically living his roll, Jared Leto was able to develop deep insight into the mind of a villain and in doing so, managed to truly become one with his character. The vexing temptations and harassment of Harley Quinn, actress Margot Robbie, will undoubtedly leave the audience in side splitting laughter and enjoyment. Each member of the cast with parts both large and small have played a hilarious and memorable part of this film for all to enjoy.


Superhero movie fans can look forward to an ironic twist with David Ayer and John Ostranders in Suicide Squad full movie as the battle for good and evil suddenly takes an interesting turn. The audience will truly experience a demonstration of human morals while undergoing nonstop laughter by the well performed cast. Boasting an A-list cast with the performances to show it and a memorable comedic performance, Suicide Squad displays the traits we’ve been looking for in a new super hero movie. Any super hero movie fanatic or comedy fan who’s tired of the tedious and played out super hero movie, will be sure to enjoy every minute of this hilarious action comedy.

All About Movies

a10 Entertainment is something everybody needs and most of us rely on televisions and movies. We all have our favorite actors and we constantly watch these movies they are in. What made them very entertaining are the technological advancements that enhanced the results. The color and the effects are so real that when you are inside a theater, you would feel as if you are a part of what is being shown. Similar to books, movies are more visual forms of art that can transport people to different times, settings, and circumstances, wowing them with interesting plot twists and turns.

a11Whether you wish to be thrilled, amazed, informed, or moved, there is bound to be a movie to suit your every mood. Movie genres are as multi-faceted as the directors, screen writers, and actors that create them. Oftentimes these genres overlap one another as plots get more creative and complex, but each genre has their significant characteristics which set them apart from one another.There are four basic movie genres from which all other subcategories stem. Dramas are unarguably one of the most popular and ever-enduring movie genres around.

They are basically plot-driven, as movies focus on complex circumstances and momentous events revolving around the main and supporting characters. These are often based on real-life situations, and focus more on the quality of the plot than on special effects. Action films revolve around high-energy scenes, high stakes, and lively plots involving heroes and their rivals. a13

In these movies you would encounter narrow escapes and rescues, action-packed fight scenes, car chases, big-budget explosions and special effects, and consistent motion throughout. Espionage and spy movies, western-themed cowboy films, adventure films and martial arts movies all fall under this category. We simply find the one we want to watch and thanks to brilliant people who make these movies, we have them ready just for our enjoyment.

Enjoy Watching Movies

images (1)

Who does not enjoy watching movies? Each person has their preferred genre but when a good movie is being shown on the screen, it is impossible for a person not to appreciate one that is made tastefully. Nowadays, with technology and all other innovative inventions of men, creating a realistic movie is very simple, especially to experts. Hollywood is the home of remarkable movies though, there are also some that are made of poor quality. However these are made, there are people who patronizes them mainly because they admire the actors playing a part.

a15Aside from computers and cellular phones, movies and television become a way of life for everyone. Not a single day that we failed to watch our favorite television programs, concerts, news and many more. We go to movie theaters not only to bond with friends, family members and colleagues, but also to watch the latest movies starred by our favorite actors and actresses and to entertain ourselves. Watching movies is generally one of the most widely-enjoyed pastimes of people today. Movies provide hours of entertainment, and are the perfect solution if you wish to unwind and take a break without having to go farther than your local mall.a16

While nothing compares to seeing the latest blockbusters on the big screen, more convenient options such as watching movies free online are also available. Watching DVD’s from the comfort of your own home are also a great alternative to going out and having to endure long ticket queues or noisy movie goers. Whatever it is you prefer to watch, action, comedy, horror or musical, you can definitely find something that will please you. In fact, there is even that one movie you wouldn’t mind watching over and over, no matter how many times. This is already part of us.